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What propelled you to pursue this field of study?


I chose to study Chemistry from my parents’ influence. My family dinners have always been filled with conversation regarding Chemistry - anything ranging from new drug discovery to novel methodology. However, after I learned out more about Physics, I realized that different fields can be incorporated to solve Chemistry problems. I’m particularly interested in Mathematics because it facilitates my understanding of Physics and gives me a new perspective on Chemistry.


Why did you join UA-WiSE?


Joining UA-WiSE gives me a chance to support and encourage other female students to get more involved in the STEM field. I have met parents of my female classmates who tell them that they’re incapable of thinking like men, so they should discontinue from their studies. I feel that especially coming from an oriental background, I’ve felt more of its influence.


How do you think we could increase STEM participation in our community?


Through high school outreach programs, I believe that UA-WiSE could reach out and encourage more female students by having mentors support their education. I also think that it would help if we changed the stigma associated with female students in the STEM field.


Who is your favourite STEM leader?


Marie Curie! To me, she is the symbol of strength and female contribution to science.

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