2021 Committee 

Our committee came up with 3 projects: Pushing the Barriers, Day in The Life (featuring Dr. Saswati Das), and What's Your STEM. Thank you to our 2021 volunteers for making this possible! Read all about the projects below.

Pushing the Barriers

There's more to our experiences than headlines and statistics. The aim of this project is to showcase how we are pushing these barriers. We want to listen, understand, and share. We hope the personal aspect will help us relate to one another even more and we hope to inspire prospective, current, and alumni WinSTEM to keep pushing. Your experiences matter and you are not alone. Click here to view the interviews.

Day in The Life - Dr. Das 

Dr. Saswati Das is a professor of physiology with a specialization in reproductive endocrinology. Over the years, Dr. Das has also worked in research areas dealing with cancer immunotherapy and asthma and allergies. 

Read Dr. Saswati Das's interview here.

ua-wise proj poster 2.JPG

What's Your STEM?

With an aim to raise awareness about minorities in STEM we decided to execute a project. Using the reach of social media to our advantage and deriving inspiration from the recent viral “Flip the switch” challenge on the social media app Tik Tok video, we are challenging individuals in STEM to take part in this movement. By constructing these videos our objective is to educate the audience on how diverse STEM really is and that every individual is unique and provides their own unique perspective on STEM. Click here to see submissions.