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Executive Positions

Want to build connections with fellow students? Are you looking for opportunities to network with professionals? Do you have the desire to strengthen your leadership skills?

Executive elections for 2024/2025 are Closed!



  • Call and preside at all executive meetings of UA-WiSE;

  • Exercise general supervision over all the affairs of UA-WiSE;

  • Monitor the activities of events planning committees as established at the general members meetings

  • Be the official spokesperson of the organization and its chief representative during the term of office;

  • Be a member and key representative at all WISEST meetings when the invitation is extended and write reports for such meetings

  • Be an ex-officio member of all other planning and organizational committees.

  • Have signing authority on the UA-WiSE bank account

  • Must complete an annual training provided by Student Group Services.

  • Responsible for completing Event Organizer Training for the group’s activities provided by Student Group Services.

  • Create transition documents for future Chairperson

  • Ensure successful execution of BTA

  • Manage and oversee all BTA detail (speakers, venue, ticket sales, food and drink, advertising etc.)

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