Our Executives

Anahita Sourate


4th Year, Civil Engineering Co-op

Sheraz Daher

Events Coordinator
4th Year, Biology and Psychology 

Sofia Panzetta

Marketing Coordinator
3rd Year, Biology and Psychology

Fajar Khan

High School Outreach Coordinator 
4th Year, Psychology Specialization

Madison Warawa


4th Year, Mechanical Engineering Co-op 

Jenna Silkin Maychos 

Sponsorship Coordinator 
3rd Year, Psychology Specialization

Venkata Prateeksha Vadali


3rd Year, Honors Environmental Earth Sciences

Katherine Leow

Events Coordinator
2nd year, Honors Physiology

Ying Wan

Graphics Coordinator
2nd Year, Software Engineering Co-op

Delaney MacIntosh

High School Outreach Coordinator 

3rd Year, Civil Engineering Co-op

Rebecca Probst

Communications Coordinator 

4th Year, Chemical Engineering Co-op

Isabella Smith 

Mentorship Coordinator 

2nd Year, Materials Engineering