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2020 Executives
Lynn Sukkarieh
4th Year, Specialization in Psychology

Taryn Stokowski
5th Year, Biological Sciences & Women's Studies

Madelene Ho
Events Coordinator
4th Year, Specialization in Cell Biology

Erica Chow
Events Coordinator
3rd Year, Specialization in Cell Biology

Kiran Shahid 
Marketing Coordinator
4th year, Psychology & Biological Sciences

Gwyneth Liske
Advertising & Graphics Coordinator
3rd Year, Chemical Engineering Traditional

Daena Yra
5th Year, Materials Engineering Co-op

Anna Esposito
High School Outreach Coordinator 
2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering Co-op

Mary Nelson
Communications Coordinator 
3rd Year, Medical Laboratory Science

Mobina Motamedi
Sponsorship Coordinator 
3rd Year, Psychology & Biological Sciences

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