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Why did you join UA-WiSE?


UA-WiSE stands for many principles that are very meaningful to me, including the vital importance of mentorship, community, and supporting other women in science.



What propelled you to pursue this field of study?


I switched from an undeclared B.Sc. degree in second year to a B.Sc. degree in Kinesiology. This allowed me to stay focused on the beautiful physiology, anatomy, and other scientific aspects of academic study in a more applied way. This keeps me passionate, as I can apply the science I learn to improving the health of individuals and populations as a health and physical activity advocate. This degree has inspired new love for a healthy active lifestyle in myself as well, changing my approach to handling stress and health in university in the process.

How do you think we could increase STEM participation in our community?


We can increase STEM participation by creating more networking opportunities; that is to say, providing opportunities for students with common interest in STEM fields to get-to-know and support each other, their progress, and their passion. One of the best things about university and education is the chance to break out new knowledge and engage in vibrant communities.

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