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What is your program of study?


4th year of Chemical Engineering


What propelled you to pursue this field of study?


It always fascinated me to understand how things were made from their raw materials into marketable products. I really enjoy the fact that almost every theory I learn applies to daily life. As nerdy as it sounds, I use some of the thermodynamics principles when cooking.


Why did you join UA-WiSE?


I joined UA-WiSE because its goals align with my personal interests and passion for sharing my experiences/knowledge with the goal of mentoring others to better shape them for their future career. I always fall back to the quote, “it takes a whole village to raise us.” The people and situations you allow yourself to experience will shape you to be the individual you want to be.


How do you think we could increase STEM participation in our community?


Personally, mentoring is one of the best ways to keep female students in academic careers and help nurture their interests in STEM. If in high schools, young boys and girls are equally exposed to science and technology, there is a high chance the genuine interest and talents will grow in these fields.

Who is your favourite STEM leader and why?


I don’t have a favourite STEM leader, but my dad is a dedicated crusader for investing in talents in areas such as science and technology. He is part of the reason why I’m in the engineering field.

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