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Pushing the Barriers

There's more to our experiences than headlines and statistics. The aim of this project is to showcase how we are pushing these barriers. We want to listen, understand, and share. We hope the personal aspect will help us relate to one another even more and we hope to inspire prospective, current, and alumni WinSTEM to keep pushing. Your experiences matter and you are not alone.

Sheraz Daher

Sheraz Daher is in her 3rd year of a BSc with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. Being a woman in STEM herself, she has always been passionate about the encouragement of equality in STEM programs.

Read Sheraz's interview here.

Laura Enekegho

Laura is a 4th year student completing her BSc in Honors Biochemistry this Winter term. She is current working on her Honors research thesis in Dr. David Stuart's lab, studying and engineering high level expression of specific human anti-inflammatory proteins using yeast cells. Laura is also one of the two Events Coordinators for the UA-WiSE team and is passionate about advocating for equal opportunities for WinSTEM. After graduating, she plans to pursue a MSc in biochemistry and/or an MD, with a later focus in pediatrics.

Read Laura's interview here.

Yasmine Jaffar

Yasmine is a 3rd year BSc student in the Honors Physiology program. She is part of the UA-WiSE volunteer committee and co-leading the coordination of this project. As a woman of color in STEM, Yasmine is passionate about bridging gaps in representation and showcasing diversity of WinSTEM. Her career goal is to be working at the intersection of physiology and public health. After graduating, she plans to pursue a MPH in Global Health or a MSc in Physiology.

Read Yasmine's interview here.

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